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Privacy Policy

A-List Entertainment Privacy Statement

Collection of Personal Information
A-List only collects personal information that is necessary for and in the process of the performance of its functions. Personal information collected as an incident of a business relationship with an individual or the organisation they work for and is held by us may include:

Contact details of you, and the organisation for which you work;
Communication, including but not limited to email, letters and records of phone conversations between A-List and you, and between A-List and the organisations for which you work;
Occasionally, A-List may collect personal information about individuals in their private capacities, for example where an individual:

Makes an enquiry (e.g. by email or telephone);
Purchases tickets to an A-List Event (either through website, telephone or third party)
Requests to receive our eNewsletter;
Subscribes the A-List Entertainment Database.
A-List does not use ‘cookies’ or ‘web bugs’ or any other means to collect personal information about people who access our websites.

A-Lists internet server may automatically record details about any computer used to access the website, such as the IP address, domain name and browser type; the date and time of access; and details of the information downloaded. This information is used only for internal statistical purposes and to improve the functioning of our websites.

A-List usually does not need to collect any sensitive information (such as racial or ethnic origin, political activities or affiliations, memberships of unions or other associations, religion, sexual preferences or practices, criminal record or medical history). If we do collect or hold such information, we will do only strictly in accordance with the NPPs contained in the privacy act.

Use of Personal Information
Any personal information that A-List collects about you will be used and disclosed only in the process of providing you with the services you have requested or to enable us to carry out our business functions. We may use your personal information to inform you of both relevant services offered by us and information pertinent to your membership of the A-List database. If at any stage you do not wish to receive this type of information, simply respond to the ‘unsubscribe’ option included in all eNewsletters, or contact A-List Entertainment via the email

Disclosure of Personal Information
A-List generally only discloses personal information to other persons or organisations for the primary purpose for which we have collected it, or with your consent (which may be explicit or may be implied from your conduct or from the circumstances in which the information is collected). We may also disclose personal information if the required by the law to do so (i.e. under the NPPs in the Privacy Act). The following describes some of the organisations or types of organisations, to which A-List may disclose personal information. Whatever personal information is disclosed outside of A-List we take reasonable steps to ensure that the recipient:

Handles the information in accordance with the NPPs in the Privacy Act;
Only uses the information for the specific purpose(s) for which it is provided to them;
Does not disclose the information to any person or organisation except in accordance with directions from A-list;
Stores the information securely, and either destroys it or returns it to A-List when no longer required.
Accessing and Correcting Personal Information
In all cases except those specified by law, you can gain access to personal information we hold about you. If we refuse to give you access, we will provide you with reasons for our refusal. You also have the right to ask us to correct personal information about you that you believe is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. If you wish to exercise these rights, we ask that you make a request in writing to our Privacy Officer (see contact details below). You will need to provide some form of photo identification (e.g. a copy of your driver’s license or passport) so we can verify that you are the individual to whom the personal information relates. You should also include details of how we can contact you in case we need to discuss your requests. We aim to respond to requests for access and changes to personal information as quickly as practicable.

Contact Information:

Nick Radford – Privacy Officer A-List Entertainment


Phone:  02 9560 0600

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